Sony Alpha

Customized activations across America
A photographer’s dreamscape

For Sony’s #BeAlpha events, we created custom photo play grounds for creative exploration and let the photographers run wild. Not only did we set up unique custom activations with our technology, Smilebooth built a series of spectacular photo installations for guests and roaming photographers alike.


In one installation, we placed guests on raised plexiglass platforms and shot them from below for dramatic, high-fashion photos. For another, we erected a veritable throne of LED lights and invited guests to strike their most intimidating pose.

Installation Portal

Ever want to be inside a hot air balloon? We made it happen. A mock-beach scene complete with models and inner tubes? Yup! A panoramic desert scene a la Wile E. Coyote? We did that too. A psychedelic rooftop skate ramp? You betcha!

#BeAlpha Portrait

Utilizing our tethered camera technology, Smilebooth set up a portrait studio, complete with a custom-designed practical lighting effect that created a crisp reflection of the Sony Alpha logo in each guest’s eyes.

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