Picture an alternative reality with Oculus
Expanding the definition of ‘definition’ with Oculus

Gamers. Bloggers. Industry Reviewers. Everyone who’s anyone wants to dive into VR with Oculus, and Smilebooth’s there to help them manifest their dreams with activations in cities from LA to NYC to London.


Guests step right into something like their own living room (but better ‘cause it DEFINITELY has an Oculus). We shot short videos of guests munching popcorn and watching a scary movie on their Oculus headsets. Modeled after Oculus’s actual TV ads and formatted specially for smartphone sharing, the videos are the perfect blend of fantasy and reality like the Oculus itself.


If that wasn’t enough, we had a second activation on site at each location. There, we shot stunning portraits of guests, turned them into posters, and printed them out on the spot so guests could take home a little Oculus propaganda of their own.

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