Why It Works


1. You can't take this image without us.

Consumers are more inclined to take and share a photo that is well made, and that they cannot create themselves on their smart phone. When these images are branded; this creates a real/tangible engagement between your brand and your consumer with a picture to prove it. When the consumer then shares this on social media they are broadcasting that message to their community. It would be hard to put a value on that in terms of added brand equity but our clients see the value well beyond the cost of the photo booth.

2. It's  F U N. 

Our clients are looking to create a fun and engaging interaction with their consumers that is relatively cost effective and scaleable. When a consumer associates your brand with a fun experience they have a positive brand recognition. 

3. Evidence

Photo's show evidence that consumers attended the event, were engaging with your brand and had fun in the process.


Kind Words


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