Smilebooth has been using real-time sharing to produce ultra-personalized, highly targeted and hugely effective brand activations since 2005.

Now our team of specialized PhotoEngineers
have taken this technology to the next level
with our Retail Activation Device.

This new venture leverages partnerships with leaders in digital out-of-home advertising, offline-to-online interactions, wireless connectivity, facial recognition and programmatic buying platforms to deliver a futuristic photo experience like no other!


We’ve taken the best of both worlds from the proprietary designs of our existing booths to create a new design that is sleek, stylish and versatile.  


 RAD can be mounted on a transportable pole base or hung on a wall as an installation piece, making it customizable to fit any retail location, branded space, or event venue, 


RAD can be easily customized to any brand aesthetic with skins that attach to the body with magnets. 


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