This is QUESO. He's a Printerbooth.

This is LINUS. He can be used as a Digitalbooth, Printerbooth or GIFbooth.

This is #AL. He's a Hashtag printer.


Your guests drive the fun with a handheld clicker and the booth then captures individual photos which are instantly displayed on screen. You can add a printer to the Digitalbooth too!


The booth captures a sequence of images and then meshes them into an animated GIF which instantly displays on tablets. Click here to check it out.


Your guests start the fun by touching the screen. A countdown gets them ready and the Printerbooth takes a series of images which instantly prints the images on a branded print layout. Smilebooth has 5 different print layouts that you can chose from and customize for your event. Take a look at the options below and let us know which you’d like. We’d love to design a mockup for you!


The iPad Sharing Station can be added to any of the above Smilebooth services. Guests can share their branded images from our interactive iPad stations via email, text, Twitter and Facebook. We pre-load it with your message, so don't forget your #hashtag!


Every move in the SLOWMObooth is 20x slower than real life - making it 20x more dramatic, 20x more crazy, and 20x more hilarious. All clips captured are uploaded to an online gallery and available to download. The rental includes a 2-3 minute montage set to music using the best of the best clips of the night and a disc of all clips and montage sent to you after the event.


Need photographers for your event? We look for new and unique ways to take photos, not just the typical point and shoot. With our added interactive tablet sharing technology, the photos from your event can be shared instantly.


Your guests love to get creative taking photo's of your awesome event on their smart phone. If they share their image on Instagram or Twitter using your pre-determined #hashtag, their image is then instantly added to the gallery on our tablet station. From there, they can print a branded photo of their image instantly. The prints come with your custom design and branding -- your event #hashtag gets lots of instant love!


Up to 4 hours of active Smilebooth coverage

Attendant for the whole event that handles load-in, setup, load-out and everything in between.

An online gallery for viewing all your images via

Link to download all your highres images

White backdrop