Use a previously designed backdrop from another event at a discounted price. See below for images of all the options currently available...



See a Previously Loved option that would be perfect in your event colors? Our designers will work one-on-one with you to create a custom textured backdrop to match the specific style and colors of your event.


Our designers will work one-on-one with you to create a textured backdrop to match your wedding/event’s style and colors, plus additional hand crafted elements to make your Smilebooth photos pop! We’ll help to create an environment for your Smilebooth that gets your guests excited and adds that special touch to your photos. We will design the backdrop to compliment your event’s overall theme.

The Sweet + Simple and The Whole Shebang backdrops are good for a one time use on the event day and then the backdrop becomes part of the Previously Loved family.


Smilebooth doesn't keep a standard offering of props in stock. Chances are, you aren’t throwing some run of the mill party, so we don’t show up with run of the mill props. We can point you in the right direction if you need help getting creative or you choose to work with one of our designers to dream up something custom that will go along with your style and theme. Ask for examples from past events and we can work up a quote for you, although it would probably be more cost effective for you to purchase something yourself. Custom prop packages vary in price depending on how extravagant you want to be and start around $250.