Hashtag Printer

If it doesn’t get posted, it never happened! Encourage people to snap pics and share your event on social media with the Hashtag Printer.

If they share their image on Instagram or Twitter using your pre-determined #hashtag, their image is then instantly added to the gallery on our tablet station. From there, they can print a branded photo of their image instantly.

The prints come with your custom design and branding — your event #hashtag gets lots of instant love! Guests can also Email, Text, Tweet or Facebook post their photo from the tablet station if they want to spread the word even further.


Museum of Fine Art Houston


High Museum of Art




You can print photos from the Smilebooth AND #hashtag posts at the same event! Phone pics posted with the unique event #hashtag get automatically sent to the same Sharing Station as the Smilebooth photos. Neat, huh?

The custom design prints for the Hashtag Printer can accommodate images from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can choose a standard print, or even a print with a perforated tear-off that you can use as a coupon, a raffle ticket, a survey, etc.