Team Member Highlight: David Linder

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This month, we are highlighting one of our dedicated Smileboothers - David Linder. David, a production manager reigning from Los Angeles, joined us to chat superpowers and Smilebooth. 


First job: intern at an architectural firm. I was tasked with creating new desk name tags, and sliced off the tips of two fingers with an x-acto blade, and almost fainted. Oops.

First car: a hand-me-down Ford Explorer from my parents.

First album you ever bought: Boyz II Men - Evolution. Still holds up.

First childhood fear: Dinosaurs.

Spiderman or batman? Batman -- he doesn't need super powers, just hard work and a huge trust fund.

Three words to describe Smilebooth: Cameras. Robots. Fun.


First celebrity crush: Roxanne from A Goofy Movie.

Currently Reading: A Hero With 1000 Faces by Joseph Campbell

Spicy or mild? "White guy spicy." I've had enough dangerously spicy Thai sauces and Mexican spices to know and respect my limits.

Guilty pleasure: A toss up between chocolate and Carly Rae Jepsen, and I'm not ashamed of either.

Give us one sentence of life advice. If you work hard, good things will happen.

My go-to Smilebooth pose is... I rotate between the double thumbs up, forehead glasses, and big smize.