Job Description:

The Production and Equipment Manager...

- is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of booths as they come and go from jobs, including gear asset tracking, maintaining the proper supply levels of printer media, and keeping equipment updated with the latest released software versions.

- will work closely with the Smilebooth office manager to discuss and coordinate bookings / logistics.

- should have strong phone communication and troubleshooting skills as they may often be on-call technical support for users in the field and must remotely troubleshoot equipment failures by guiding the remote user through tasks.

- must attend weekly production calls with our national team

- must have knowledge of a dslr and setting camera settings

- must have proficiency in photoshop and illustrator

- will be responsible for training new booth operators on best practice and technical use of the booths.

- should have experience with troubleshooting common computer problems, i.e. connecting apple, windows, or android devices to WiFi or wired networks, backing up data files, changing printer consumables, etc.  (experience assembling and disassembling computers is a plus)

- will be responsible for following a checklist to troubleshoot problems with field equipment, which may involve dismantling electronic equipment and replacing parts to find the component that has failed.

- will help assemble, test, pack out and ship booths before events

- will help fabricate, assemble, test, pack out and ship custom fabrication jobs as warranted by client needs.

- should be comfortable with the use of basic hand tools as well as power tools such as drills, band saws, etc.

- is responsible for the upkeep and organization of storage unit and miscellaneous errands like shipping gear/backdrops, etc.

- will have the opportunity to work as an operator at Smilebooth events.

- must be able and willing to lift and carry heavy equipment up and down stairs, in and out of vehicles, etc.

- will perform miscellaneous tasks around the studio such as clean up, organization, maintenance etc.

- regular access to a vehicle that can carry equipment is a plus

- brings a positive attitude, good energy, and an eagerness to learn and contribute to the team


Number of studio hours will vary between 15-25hrs per week.

Studio hours are typically 9am-5pm

Pay: $15/hr

Please email stevi(at)smilebooth(dot)com with your resumé.

Lazers & Blazers


We interrupt our regularly scheduled crescendo of hype for an announcement: 2013 is the last year that a Lazers & Blazers party will descend on WPPI.

Producers Michael Antonia of The Flashdance and Whitney Chamberlin from Our Labor of Love held the first Lazers event to honor the industry—to give hardworking shooters a chance to put down their cameras and be guests for a night.

In the four years since, this no-holds-barred party hosted by photographers, for photographers, has given back to its organizers more than they could have imagined. The generosity of sponsors, the anticipatory support of colleagues, and the culminating energy on the dance floor has filled the Lazers crew with an overwhelming gratitude that words cannot convey.

But an event of this magnitude can get too big for its britches. When that happens, the only thing to do is raise the torch one final time before passing it on. So. This is it. Get your tickets if you haven't already. We're busting ass to make the last Lazers & Blazers the best one yet. We know you're gonna bring it. Because this is your party. It has always been your party.

See you in Vegas.


AUSTIN... Want it, Need it, Gonna GIVE it: GATHER


Smilebooth Austin is teaming up with Nannie InezFresca'sKeith KreegerThe Wellgro CoTribezaBake Sale and H55 this Sunday, December 9, 2012. We want you all to join us for bites, cocktails + photos, need you all shop for holiday gifts and simply enjoy yourselves! All the proceeds to Travis High School garden. Come GATHER with us!

NYC, you asked for it....


We heard your pleas...so here you go! Come out to the Etsy Holiday Shop this weekend where we'll have the Smilebooth setup. You and your loved can make some awesomely designed holiday cards, for a good cause. All proceeds will be going to Occupy Sandy!!

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