Expectations & Req's

On Time, Visual Setup, Attire, Facilitation,
and Tear Down


On Time:

  • Be AT venue and LOADING IN AT SPECIFIED TIME (this means arriving at venue prior to this time).
    **Allow for extra time if you are slower on setup.
  • Equipment should be tested and setup 100% no later than 30 minutes Prior to start time.

Visual Setup:

  • Equipment / setup area should look clean, arranged and neat at all times. If things get messy clean them. If booth is dirty clean it. If screen or lens gets smudged, clean it.
  • Cords should not have excessive slack and tucked away looking neat and tidy.
  • Pelican cases should be hidden away behind background or in a room, find one if one isn’t designated.
  • Background should be 6’ from booth and not look sloppily setup.
  • Set out appropriate post cards and event cards for guests to take.
  • If restroom breaks need to happen make them brief.


  • You should look smartly dressed as if you were a guest. Check invite for appropriate attire required for event.
  • Casual dress is still representing Smilebooth, so look good.
  • Bring layers if outdoor events, hot or cold.
  • Overdressing is always better than underdressing.
  • See Dress Codes for Men and Ladies.


  • Once job is underway until end NO CELL PHONE USE unless using to communicate with team, sending test images or checking job related details.
  • Act professional and under control
  • Your job is to communicate and encourage use of booth with guests throughout event no matter what activation is happening.
  • If more than one attendant/assistant is present:
    - Minimize unnecessary talk that would distract from running the
    - Take breaks in shifts
    - Anticipate the needs of each other to help run a smooth event.
  • If a problem arises connect with team to solve the problem.
  • ALWAYS CHECK WITH CONTACT BEFORE turning off or breaking down. 

Tear Down:

  • Complete Formstack PRIOR to break down in order to populate all fields necessary.
  • Take care of all equipment and return in kit to original positions.
  • Empty printer scrap bin EVERY time.